Wow...simply wow!

~Magic Light Industries

A very good resource for those wanting easy-to-use footage.

~Pro Show Studios

This stuff looks visually beautiful. I plan to use this stock footage in numerous projects. I hope more footage is released because what is out there so far is awesome.


Astounding. Superb Quality!

~Travis Maynard

Its absolutely amazing. Stunning really!

~Jeremy Davidson

These are one of a kind!

~Maxed Out

Very nice visual effects, especially for the price.

~Mason Company

I love the way these kits are put together.

~Liquid Sushi Designs

Your effects packages are terrifically beautiful and useful.

~Impossible Productions

I purchased resources just recently from Final Light...truly amazing.

~Michael J. Narlock
Cranbrook Institute of Science

Very nice looking effects!

~IZAK Productions

Excellent footage.

~Boffa86 Company

Very realistic effects. Keep it up!

~Concept Multimedia

You are professionals.

~Mid town

One of the best explosions I've ever seen at this level of 3D.

~Pyroboy Studios

They look absolutely fantastic and real.

~Fallen Studios

This is just what I need!

~Sni-fi Productions

You offer what looks like the best I've seen yet!

~Dog House Games

Amazing effects!!!

~Víctor Almeida

Amazing. I will probably be purchasing the Atomic Toolkit in the near future.

~James G. Colston

Beautiful detailing.

~Carl Hughes

These FX are really lifesavers.



~Chris Burgess

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