Specs and Quality

When it comes to compositing visual effects - quality matters.

Final Light offers only the highest possible quality of effects footage elements. Read more about our footage specs and quality:

1. Formats:
..Quicktime .MOV, PNG Codec, Lossless Quality -or- .....PhotoJPEG, High-Maximum Quality, both in progressive format, 30fps,
.....32bit or 24bit
...--Stills:..Targa (.TGA), RLE compressed, Lossless Quality; 32 bit
.....or 24 bit
2. Source: DVCPro-HD Digicam or Computer Generated; color corrected, deep rich blacks; 4:2:2 color.
3. Resolution: Footage layer resolution varies anywhere from full HD Wide 1080p to SD square 540p. This varies depending on the type of effect. Read more about our resolution formats.
4. Toolkit layer types: All layers are 32bit RGBA or 24bit RGB. Clips with a matte are premultiplied on black. Clips with no matte have a black background and are to be composited as an Additive or Overlay type of layer, where no matte is needed. Review our layer types.
5. Delivery options: Download or shipped on DVD-Rom or CD-Rom. Both delivery methods provide the Toolkit material in the formats above, ready for use.

.....For more information, feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

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