HD and SD Formats

.....Final Light currently offers Visual FX elements in both HD and SD resolution and at 3 different aspect ratios depending on the type of effect.

HD resolution

SD resolution

Wide 1920 x 1080 960 x 540
4x3 1440 x 1080 720 x 540
1x1 1080 x 1080 540 x 540
(All effects clips are at 1:1 pixel aspect ratio)

.....Why don't we just offer all of our clips at the standard HD of 1920x1080 and standard D1 resolution SD at 720x486?   Here's some more information...

Wide, 4x3, or 1x1:

Most effect elements (other than clips such as skies), are different from full-screen background footage in that they are most often used in a composite where they are applied over a background. The effect element may not extend wide enough to require being in a wide format. An example of an element that would not require a wide format would be a top view of a Shockwave or a Zero-G Explosion. Depending on how far out the effect reaches in the X axis will dictate whether it is formatted for Wide, 4x3, or 1x1.

.....Therefore, for more effective compositing and to save on RAM and disk space when you are using them in your composites, all effects clips are only in as wide an aspect format as is necessary.

D1 0.9 versus D1 square:

.....All our effects clips, including our SD resolution material, are available at a native 1:1 pixel aspect ratio (instead of 0.9). This enables you to composite at full 1:1, and output in multiple pixel aspect ratio formats without having to upscale vertically.

.....If you have any other questions about our formatting, please feel free to contact us.

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