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What are Toolkits?

When is comes to effects stock footage, a Final Light "Toolkit" is just what it might sound like: a library of footage clips, available as separate layers, variations, camera angles, and customized masks; giving the digital artist far more control than with only a single footage clip and a mask.

.....Until now, effects footage as multiple elements was mostly available only at extreme production costs and time investment, and custom created on a shot by shot basis.

.....However, Final Light has risen to meet the need for high quality effects, that can be pre-created into effects Toolkits, ready for use, and offer them at enormous savings. Using these collections can also help you meet your deadlines by saving a ton of production time creating custom effects from scratch.

New material is constantly being worked on. Let us notify you when new Toolkits are ready.

For more information, feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

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